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Many people consider tutoring only when they’re having a difficult time with a class or concept and don’t consider the other ways that it can positively impact a student’s academic years.  Take a look at some of the best ways that students can benefit from tutoring.


Every student is different, has a different skill set, and different challenges. So how can students keep up in subjects that are difficult?  Tutoring is a great option.  Tutoring is provided in a small group setting or 1:1 where students are able to get the support they need in an environment that feels safe and supportive.  Maintaining a consistent schedule with a tutor is a great way to ensure that your child can confidently stay on top of their schoolwork, and is typically where you’ll find the long-term results you and your child are looking for.


It may come as a surprise to most students that the best way to study is not to cram the night before an exam, but instead to set aside consistent time to review homework and notes throughout the school year.  A regular tutoring schedule with time dedicated to learning and revisiting concepts means that students are preparing for their exams as they go.  Further, learning how to study is an important skill that often needs some refinement.  Flashcards or quizlets?  Re-reading or talking through the material?  Understanding how we study requires trying out some different methods.


Executive Skills are the basic cognitive and behavioral skills that adolescents develop in order to lead independent lives.  Because the “prefrontal brain systems play a key role in the development and application of executive skills” but are also “among the last areas of the brain to fully develop,” it makes sense that many students are still working on being able to efficiently manage their time, stay organized, or remain task-driven.  In other words, many students need extra help to stay organized and on top of their school work.  Having a tutor monitor assignments, provide basic academic support, and reinforce study skills can make a world of difference.


More students than ever before are taking advantage of online classes—whether to get ahead, to accommodate an athletic schedule, to catch up, to take advantage of their summer—to reduced their workload next school year, improve their GPA, or open their schedule for another class—, or simply because they prefer a self-paced environment.  Whatever the reason, moving to an online platform can carry a level of responsibility that many students aren’t ready for.  The best way to ensure a positive experience and consistent course progress is by setting up a tutoring schedule.  This relationship is referred to as blended learning and, for most students, is the best way to succeed online.


Students who need specific support to improve or re-learn specific skills (reading comprehension/fluency/decoding, writing, foundational math concepts, etc.) stand to benefit from working with a tutor.  Likewise, students who are homeschooled may find tremendous support in having a tutor focus on the areas that their parent(s) or homeshcool group can’t adequately cover.  And fianlly, students who have a diagnosed learning disability may also benefit from extra, focused support.  Finding a tutor or tutoring center with experience helping a variety of learners is the best option.  Additionally, sharing any formal testing or IEP/504 accommodation will also contribute to the tutor’s ability to provide proper instruction and support specific to the student.

3 Basic Truths We’ve Learned From Teaching Students for 20 years

In the twenty years that we have been teaching, we have learned some basic truths. One of these truths is that every individual learns differently. While some students are able to learn and progress through a traditional public or private school system, others will only find a formula for success—for at least part of their educational requirements—with a teacher who knows them individually and can teach them more effectively in a smaller setting.

Our main goal at Educational Advantage is to find the method by which our students can have a positive educational experience. We do this by first recognizing that each student is unique and has specific needs, and second by constructing a plan that best works for them. Essentially, helping our students reach their academic potential in the most enjoyable way possible is the ultimate objective.

Striving to staff professional tutors who excel in their specific fields, we provide service for grades K-12. Furthermore, we provide a variety of options to assist our students, namely a low teacher to student ratio, academic assessments, placement testing, individual attention, customizable education plans, independent study options, etc. We understand the policies of both the State of Utah Department of Education and the Park City School District. This insight allows us to understand exactly what your student needs to accomplish to graduate and also what he/she should be taking in order to get into their targeted college.

We look forward to meeting you and your student to discuss how EA can help!

Race to Epicness







Our own Hillary Fiveash is not only a great teacher here at EA, but also a great wife and mom.  She is currently the biggest cheerleader for her husband, Bill, and son, Charlie, as they set out to ski 26 resorts in six states and four countries over the next month.  If they are one of the first ten to finish this race, they not only hail as amazing, adventurous ski enthusiasts, but win an Epic Pass for Life…which is an unrestricted pass to 12 U.S. resorts and passes in Switzerland, Austria, and France.  Follow their journey at!




As you can see we have redesigned our website and added a blog feature!  We are excited to integrate new and exciting features of our site to keep parents and students updated on important dates, tests, tips, and various happenings!

As we welcome our students back for another great school year, we’d like to highlight some of the changes we’ve made.  The biggest change is in our registration forms.  We have moved our forms online, making it easier to register.  Completing a registration form will be required before any student can begin a tutoring plan.

We have also added a new ACT prep program for students from 7-11th grade, called Non-Negotiable Skills.  We have been using this program for almost a year and have had great success.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Finally, we are happy to welcome the PCCAPS program as neighbors in the building!  We will be sponsoring the Rock Your Education music festival in conjunction with them and Granger School of Music later in September—details coming soon!

As always we appreciate your business and support and love the opportunity to work with your kids.

EA Staff