Our most common services are listed below, but please give us a call to learn more about what we offer and how we can support your child.


As a tutoring center EA provides personalized instruction & support to students of all ages and needs. Our most popular services include homework help, ACT/SAT/AP test prep, organizational support, reviewing PowerSchool/Canvas, preparing for the upcoming school year, subject-specific help, reading programs, and college prep.  Tutoring is offered in a semi-private setting (max of four students with one teacher); private (1:1) sessions can also be requested.


Being an accredited online high school means that students can take a class from EA to earn credit.  Taking a class at EA allows students to move at a comfortable & realistic pace that takes their unique learning goals and abilities into account.  It also allows students to learn in a small group (max of four students with one teacher) and receive individual support by also attending EA during or after school (most students take a “parent release” during their school day). Upon completion, credit is transferred to the school and placed on their transcript.


Taking advantage of the summer months is always a good idea!  EA offers several accelerated group classes and trips for credit (upon completion, credit is transferred back to EHMS, TMJH, or PCHS)  that allow students to catch up, get ahead, or create flexibility in their schedule during the school year.  Students can also prepare for the next school year, finish remediation, study for the ACT or SAT, or create an individual schedule to meet specific goals.  EA is open all summer with the exception of Fridays and a few extra days off.