Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. -Einstein

Our Services.


As a tutoring center, EA provides personalized instruction to students of all ages. Our most popular services are subject-specific help (all subjects), organizational support, ACT/SAT prep, & support with online learning. Tutoring is offered in a semi-private (4:1) or private (1:1) setting.


EA is an accredited online high school offering classes to satisfy all graduation requirements.  Students can work on their course independently or, more commonly, they can leverage a blended learning experience where they set up a schedule to work in person with one of our teachers.


During the summer, EA offers a variety of in-person group classes and trips FOR CREDIT! This helps students who want to get ahead, need to make up credit, or simply want to create options in their school schedule. Summer is also a great time to prepare for the upcoming school year, review concepts from the previous year, prepare for the ACT, complete remediation, and more!

Custom schedules.

EA provides learning options for almost every scenario: homeschool students who need extra support or a specific subject to fulfill their learning requirements, part-time students who want to take one or more classes for credit, temporary students, students with unique schedules, and even full-time students who plan to graduate from EA.