EA supports students from 1st through 12th grade and even works with college students.  Younger students may be required to schedule at a certain day/time or in a private (1:1) setting.

EA has teachers to support all core subjects (English, math, science, and social studies), most elective classes, and ACT/SAT prep. During the school year, we also have Spanish and Japanese teachers.

Yes! Summer is a great time to prepare for an AP class and can alleviate any stress that may accompany taking a more challenging course. By reviewing some of the material that will be covered at the beginning of the school year, in tandem with AP basics for the specific subject, students are better prepared to start the school year.

Yes! We offer AP test prep whether students need help practicing for the actual AP exam, or want help preparing throughout the school year. We suggest not waiting until the last minute!

Yes! EA offers ACT and SAT test prep. Once we understand the student’s goals and timeline, we create an individual plan to support them.  Students are not required to have taken an exam in order to get started; we can establish a baseline for each subject during practice tests at EA, which will help us set realistic goals.

Yes! Summer is a great time to prepare students for the upcoming school year and/or to take some time to reinforce concepts that might have challenged them during the school year. We always recommend our younger students (1-7th) to work on math at least once a week so that their skills aren’t forgotten.

Yes! EA recognizes that not every student learns the same way and that (most) students need to be taught in a way that maximizes their understanding and learning style/needs. EA’s staff work very hard to cultivate a learning environment that supports our students’ needs, helps them find success, and allows them to reach their potential.  If a student has an IEP or 504 (or has had a neuropsych evaluation but does not yet have formal accommodations), we ask that you share a copy with our Director so that we can understand and implement all accommodations listed therein.

Communication is so important!  After every session, we email parents “lesson notes” that are written by their child’s teacher(s) and detail what was accomplished during the session. These notes may also include grades, upcoming assignments, general feedback, behavioral information, etc.  These notes are particularly important because we have to rely on Canvas (and however up-to-date that is) and our students to relay information that we need to help them; we do our best to read between the lines, but having parents follow up is so helpful in the collaborative effort to support the student.

Yes! Many students need help with Executive Functioning, which may include staying on top of assignments, due dates, and projects, planning and studying for upcoming exams, and proactively communicating with their teachers. We help students by reviewing their Canvas and PowerSchool and then prioritizing the work that they need the most help with. Organizational support is generally scheduled in 60-75 minute sessions so that students have some time to get started on homework.  The biggest impact comes with two sessions per week.

EA charges $48/hour for semi-private tutoring (4:1 student-teacher ratio) and $85/hour for private sessions (1:1 student-teacher ratio).  When students come for a parent-release session, we charge $595 monthly tuition in Park City and by the hour in Heber (all prices are based on $48/hour but are charged differently due to the proximity of the schools in Park City and EA in Park City).  Students who accrue more than 32 hours/month will have a custom-priced package.

EA does its best to make services accessible.  If you need tutoring but can’t afford to pay full price (or at all), please contact us!

EA’s office hours vary by location.  Please refer to our Locations page for up-to-date hours!

*Both locations follow the school district schedule for closures (holiday or teacher-prep days).

Yes! Summer is a great time to take a class for credit, finish remediation, prepare for the upcoming school year, focus on a specific subject or skill, or prepare for the ACT/SAT or AP class. Summer can be especially beneficial for our younger students so that their math skills don’t diminish with so much time off. You can check out our summer schedule on our services page.

Our answer to this question changed after Covid!  EA does offer online tutoring but only with specific teachers and during specific times of the day.  EA also offers in-home tutoring; however, our options for this require ample lead time to plan and arrange schedules. In-home and online tutoring are priced differently, so please give us a call to chat about that!

All of our teachers have a college degree and extensive teaching experience in their subject(s). Further, they have all taught for at least two years before starting at EA. We are lucky to have a team of teachers who, for the most part, have been with us for a very long time. You can visit our About page to see staff bios!

Yes! EA happily works with school district administrators, teachers, and counselors because we all have the same goal: to provide a solid education and support system for the students of our great communities so that they are prepared for a successful future. We are proud to support our community and our collective students.

Yes! In addition to tutoring, we are also an accredited online high school and offer a catalog of classes in all core subjects, electives, and other categories needed to graduate! We support the philosophy of blended learning—where online curriculum is paired with face-to-face instruction—and find that our students experience the best results and achieve success through that model.  To be clear, EA’s tutoring center is not accredited, but the online high school is.  Most students choose to combine these services to maximize their learning experience.

EA defines blended learning as the flexibility of an online course paired with personalized face-to-face instruction. EA has employed the blended learning model for over a decade, and has found that students learn more, reach their goals, finish their course on time, and improve their self-confidence when they take advantage of this learning platform.

Your courses can be found at:, or by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT tab on our website.

Students will learn how to view their grades during the online student orientation, however there is a “grades” tab in every course where you can view a detailed list of your grades as well as teacher feedback.

Students can always email their teacher within the course communication tool—something they will learn in the online student orientation.  They can also email EA directly: or fill out a contact form on our website.

Yes. Students are permitted to withdraw from a course within ten days of their enrollment date unless the final exam has been requested. If a withdraw form is received within the ten-day time frame, a 50% credit towards a new course, less administrative fees, will be given (no refunds).

A course fee is $250/semester. This price does not reflect any specific materials that a course may require—like a calculator or novel—which is specified in our course catalog and in the course itself.

Every course has different assignments, projects, quizzes, etc., however they all use the same grading scale: A (93% and above); A- (90-92%); B+ (87-89%); B (83-86%); B- (80-82%); C+ (77-79%); C (73-76%); C- (70-72%); D+ (67-69%); D (63-66%); D- (60-62%); F (59% and below).

Students will be asked if they have an IEP or 504 during the enrollment form process. If they do, they are asked to submit their formal accommodations to EA via email (or mail). It’s important for EA to know as soon as possible so our team can support every student’s specific needs and implement all accommodations.

Yes, however, we strongly encourage students to check with their school before enrolling in a class from EA, as rules change from state to state. In Utah, our classes are transferrable and accepted by all schools. We also have a letter that students can share with their school counselor to help explain what classes they are trying to take.

A transcript request form can be found on our website and is generally processed within 48-72 hours (unless expedited processing is requested).

Students are required to have or have access to, a computer with a reliable internet connection. We suggest Chrome or Firefox as the browser for coursework.

EA is a continuous enrollment school, meaning that students can enroll in a class for credit any day of the year and can work on their coursework 24/7.  Please note: we do not enroll during school closures or on weekends.

Students have approximately four months from the date of enrollment to complete their course, including their final exam. If students need more time, they can submit a course extension form, which adds three months to their course ($125). If students don’t extend their course before it expires and want to finish it, they must repurchase the course to reinstate their progress ($250).

First, browse our course catalog and find the class(es) you want to take! The next step is to decide how you want to learn (on your own or in conjunction with one of our teachers). Then, you’ll fill out an enrollment form. All students are required to complete an enrollment form. This form will collect information about the student, parent/guardian, as well as the desired services (tutoring, online course request, etc.). It will also establish a billing profile for services and create an account that you can access at any time to view or update your credit card information.

After you submit your enrollment form, a member of our team will email you to confirm receipt of your enrollment form as well as the services that were requested.  A member of our team may also give you a call if you have any questions or need to talk about your preferred schedule.

To request additional services or to request an online course, simply fill out another enrollment form. The second time you submit an enrollment form, it will be as a returning customer and will be a shorter process.