What grade levels does EA support?

We support students from 1st grade through 12th grade, and even work with college students.

What subjects does EA teach?

We have teachers to support all core subjects (English, math, science, and social studies) and most elective classes, including music. During the school year we also have a Spanish teacher.

Can you help my child prepare for an AP class?

Yes! Summer is a great time to prepare for an AP class and can alleviate any stress that may accompany taking a more challenging course. By reviewing some of the material that will be covered at the beginning of the school year, in tandem with AP basics for the specific subject, students are better prepared to start the school year.

Does EA offer AP test prep?

Yes! We offer AP test prep whether students need help practicing for the actual AP exam, or want help preparing throughout the school year. We suggest not waiting until the last minute!

Does EA offer ACT/SAT prep?

Yes! We offer ACT and SAT test prep. Once we understand the student’s goals and timeline, we create a plan to support them. Also, students are not required to have already taken an exam to get started; we can establish a baseline for each subject during practice tests at EA, which will help us set a realistic goal.

Can my child prepare for the upcoming school year at EA?

Yes! Summer is a great time to prepare students for the upcoming school year and/or to take some time to reinforce concepts that might have challenged them during the school year. We always recommend our younger students (1-7th) to work on math at least once a week so that their skills aren’t forgotten.

Does EA support students who have a learning difference?

Yes! We recognize that not every student learns the same way, and that some students need to be taught in a specific way in order to support their learning needs. We work very hard to cultivate a learning environment that supports our students’ needs, helps them find success, and reach their potential.

How will I know what my child did during their EA session?

Communication is so important! After every session we email parents “lesson notes” that are written by their child’s teacher(s) and detail what was accomplish during the session. These notes may also include grades, upcoming assignments, general feedback, as well as any other important information.

Does EA help with organizational skills?

Yes! Many students need help with organization, which may include staying on top of their assignments, due dates, projects, planning and studying for upcoming exams, and also proactively communicating with their teachers. We help students by reviewing their Canvas and PowerSchool, and then prioritize the work that they need the most help with. Organizational support is generally scheduled in one-hour block so that students have some time to get started on homework.

What are EA’s prices?

Our pricing list can be found on our pricing page, but our semi-private rate is $45/hour.

What are EA’s office hours?

We are open Monday-Thursday (9-5:15) & Fridays (9-2:15) during the school year, and Monday-Thursday (9-5:00) during the summer. We follow the Park City School District schedule and close for all school holidays. We also take a couple weeks off during the summer.

Does EA offer summer programs?

Yes! Summer is a great time to take a class for credit, finish remediation, prepare for the upcoming school year, focus on a specific subject or skill, or prepare for the ACT/SAT or AP class. Summer can be especially beneficial for our younger students so that their math skills don’t diminish with so much time off. You can check out our summer schedule on our Tutoring page.

Does EA offer online or in-home tutoring?

EA occasionally offers online tutoring as our teachers’ schedules permit. We do not offer in-home tutoring; however, can occasionally make special considerations for students who have serious personal or medical constraints. In home and online tutoring is priced differently, so please give us a call to chat about that!

What are EA’s teacher qualifications?

All of our teachers have a college degree and extensive experience in their subject. Further, they have all taught for at least two years before starting at EA. We are lucky to have a team of teachers who, for the most part, have been with us for a very long time. You can visit our About page to see staff bios!

Does EA work with the local school district?

Yes! We happily work with school district administrators, teachers, and counselors because we all have the same goal: provide a solid education for the students of our great community so that they are prepared for a successful future. We are proud to support our community and our collective students.

Does EA offer more than tutoring?

Yes! In addition to tutoring, we are also an accredited online high school and offer a catalog of classes in all core subjects, elective, and music! We support the philosophy of blended learning—where online curriculum is paired with face-to-face instruction—and find that our students experience the best results and achieve success through that model. We also have a music school, EA School of Music, where students can take private lessons, participate in a band, or earn high school credit by taking one of our music classes during their lesson.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is basically the flexibility of an online course paired with face-to-face instruction. EA has employed the blended learning model for over a decade, and has found that students learn more, reach their goals, finish their course on time, and improve their self-confidence when they take advantage of this learning platform.

How do I access my course?

Your courses can be found at:, or by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT tab on our website.

How do I view my grades?

Students will learn how to view their grades during the online student orientation, however there is a “grades” tab in every course where you can view a detailed list of your grades as well as teacher feedback.

How do I interact with my teacher?

If you’re working on your class at EA, you will interact with your teacher often—both during your sessions at EA and/or via email. You can always email your teacher within the course communicate tool—something you will learn in the online student orientation.

Can I withdraw from a class?

Yes. Students are permitted to withdraw from a course within ten days of their enrollment date unless the final exam has been requested. If a withdraw form is received within the ten-day time frame, a 50% credit towards a new course, less administrative fees, will be give (no refunds).

How much does a course cost?

A course fee is $250/semester. This price does not reflect any specific materials that a course may require—like a calculator or novel—which is specified in our course catalog and in the course itself.

How am I graded?

Every course has different assignments, projects, quizzes, etc., however they all use the same grading scale: A (93% and above); A- (90-92%); B+ (87-89%); B (83-86%); B- (80-82%); C+ (77-79%); C (73-76%); C- (70-72%); D+ (67-69%); D (63-66%); D- (60-62%); F (59% and below).

What if I have an IEP or 504?

You will be asked if you have an IEP or 504 during the enrollment form. If you do, we will give you a call to talk about your accommodations and to get a formal copy of them. It’s important for us to know as soon as possible so that we can support you and your needs.

Can I transfer my credit to another school?

Yes, however we strongly encourage you to check with your school before enrolling in a class from EA, as rules change from state to state. In Utah, our classes are transferrable and accepted by all schools. We also have a letter that you can share with your counselor to help explain what classes you are trying to take as well as get them approved.

How do I request a transcript?

A transcript request form can be found on our website and is generally processed within 48 hours.

What technological resources do I need?

Students are required to have, or have access to, a computer with reliable internet connection. We suggest Safari, Chrome, or Firefox as the browser for your coursework, and you may also need to download Adobe Flash player and Adobe Reader—depending on the course.

What time/day are classes offered?

We are a continuous enrollment school, meaning that you can enroll in a class for credit any day of the year and can work on your coursework any time of day.

When do classes expire?

Students have six months, from the date of enrollment, to complete their coursework. If students need more time, they can submit a course extension form, which adds three months to their course ($50). Students can only receive one extension per course.

How do I enroll?

First, browse our course catalog and find the class(es) you want to take! The next step is to decide how you want to learn (on your own or in conjunction with one of our teachers). Then, you’ll fill out an enrollment form. All students are required to complete an enrollment form. This form will collect information about the student, parent/guardian, as well as the desired services (tutoring, online course request, music lessons, etc.). It will also establish a billing profile for services and create an account that you can access at any time to view or update your credit card information.

What instruments does EA School of Music offer?

We offer guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice, drums, DJ, EMP, mandolin, ukulele, violin, and cello. You can learn more about the instruments we teach on our music page.

Are lessons customizable?

Yes! We create our lessons around what you want to learn—whether that’s a specific song, skill, or anything in between. Music should be fun, so we always try to incorporate material that students can connect with.

Do I have to follow a set curriculum?

No! A curriculum path is great for many students, and we are able to offer curriculum based learning; however, it’s not the only way to learn. It’s important to us that we take time to get to know our students so that we can put together a plan that will help them reach their goals.

How do music classes for credit work?

EA is an accredited online high school with an extensive catalog of music classes. Students can enroll in a music class online and have the option to work on their own; however, we strongly recommend setting up a weekly lesson schedule so that one of our highly qualified teachers can support your learning and provide individual instruction. When students take a music class for credit, they should expect traditional class components—like assignments, quizzes, and exam, practice journals, etc.—in addition to learning new songs, skills, and techniques. Students will also learn about their instrument, important figures who have played/do play, and will be exposed to various bands and artists. In other words, our music courses offer a well-rounded, modern approach to learning all about your instrument!

Does EA School of Music have band opportunities?

Yes! We offer student bands that meet once a week for rehearsals and are coached by our qualified instructors! Bands work on a set repertoire of songs leading up to one of our tri-year recitals. Please inquire about band offerings. When possible, we will add students to existing bands. We can also start a new band if we have a full group that can work together.

What are your prices?

Our detailed pricing list can be found on our services & pricing page; however, we are tuition based and charge monthly for 30, 45, of 60 minute weekly lessons.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes! All of our teachers have a degree in music, previous teaching experience, and most play music professionally. You can visit our About page to see staff bios!

Does EA School of Music offer summer programs?

Yes! In addition to our normal lesson programs, we also offer camps, workshops, and clinics for students looking to stay busy and improve their skills. You can check out our summer schedule on our music page.

Does EA School of Music help with band auditions?

Yes! We love helping student prepare for auditions. This includes working on the material they need to learn, but may also include audition etiquette, attire, and other tips.

Does EA School of Music support students in a school band?

Yes! We work with a lot of local band students, helping them improve their skills and/or work on new material. We love supporting the band students in our community!

What age range does EA School of Music teach?

We teach students from age 5 and up! It’s never too late to pick up an instrument!

What are EA School of Music’s office hours?

We are open Monday-Thursday (11-7:00) & Fridays (11-6:00) during the school year, and Monday-Thursday (9-7:00) during the summer. We loosely follow the Park City School District schedule and close for most school holidays.

What skill levels does EA School of Music teach?

We teach beginner, intermediate, and advance level students.

What style(s) of music does EA School of Music teach?

We have many teachers with experience teaching and playing all styles of music—from jazz to rock to reggae. We offer it all!

How do I enroll?

All students are required to complete an enrollment form. This form will collect information about the student, parent/guardian, as well as the desired services (tutoring, online course request, music lessons, etc.). It will also establish a billing profile for services and create an account that you can access at any time to view or update your credit card information. If you are enrolling in a class for credit, you can check out our course catalog before you enroll!

What happens after I submit my enrollment form?

After you submit your enrollment form a member of our team will email you to confirm receipt of the form as well as the services that were requested. We may also give you a call if you have any questions or need to talk about your preferred schedule.

After I enroll, how do I request more services?

To request additional services or to request an online course, simply fill out another enrollment form. The second time you submit an enrollment form, it will be as a returning customer and will be a shorter process.


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