How to Get Started


Start by browsing our course catalog!  We offer a variety of classes, in all core and elective categories, to satisfy high school graduation requirements.  EA is also a continuous enrollment school, meaning you can enroll at any time!

Learning Options

EA has an accredited, online high school where students can take classes for credit.  They can work independently or can come to EA’s tutoring center to receive personalized support with their coursework.


Fill out an enrollment form to establish your student/family/billing profile.  While filling out this form you will also submit your course request.  If you need help or want to set up an in-person schedule, give us a call.

Student Info +


“I like that my work was focused on understanding rather than meaningless busy work.”

“I like the learning environment.”

“I liked taking a class from EA because there were people dedicated to helping me and others learn.”

“I liked how manageable the course was and that I could look ahead to see what I had to do.”

“I liked getting to learn things that I hadn’t learned yet and getting the help I needed to understand it.”

“I liked how attentive my teachers are and that I had some real-life focus.”

“I like the small group setting. It helps me learn better.”

“I like that I can ask questions and get help because my teacher didn’t have a whole class.”

“EA has changed my daughter’s outlook on school, life, and her future. Her confidence has skyrocketed. I am happy to talk to anyone about our experience because it has been life-changing for our whole family.”

“EA has given our son a better academic foundation through tutoring. We are grateful to the staff for supporting our kids’ educational success.”

“Without EA my kids would not have graduated. They filled the gap in learning that led to their success.”

“EA provided tremendous help for my challenged learner as well as a very supportive community.”

“EA has provided my child with an alternative learning environment that she needed to succeed.”

“My son learned so much because of the small group learning and individual attention. His teachers are incredible. We are indebted to EA–they have taught all three of our children and helped them launch into successful futures.”

“The teachers at EA created a confidence in my children that they didn’t find anywhere else.”