When it comes to learning, we recognize that every students learns differently. We also understand that some students may also have specific obstacles that make understanding, processing, and/or accessing certain concepts more challenging that others. For the last 20+ years EA has been working with students with a variety of learning needs–to make sure that they are learning at a pace and in a way that best works for them.

When we talk about meeting the needs of a student, it comes down to identifying how we can best be of service, outlining their goals (short term and long term), and understanding any IEP/504 accommodations. From there, we can work with the student and family to put a realistic plan together centered around progress and learning in a way that makes the student feel confident and optimistic. We are also happy to attend IEP/504 planning meeting if we have an established relationship with the student/family and can be helpful in that regard.

Lastly, we are luck to have an amazing Special Education consultant, Melanie Moffat, who is exceptionally qualified to create specialized plans for students with a variety of learning differences and also reading disabilities. Melanie is available for consultations during the school year. Give us a call to learn more!


You probably won’t graduate high school knowing exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, but you probably will know if you’re college bound, interested in a vocational school, taking a gap year, joining the military, entering the workforce, or embarking on some other adventure. Whatever your goal, we are here to help you obtain it. At any point in your high school career, you can schedule an appointment with us to discuss your goals and plan for the future.

Additionally, the following sites are great resources for investigating options and paths for your future:

Utah Futures

American Gap Association

Big Future

Ed Ready

Department of Workforce Service