3 Basic Truths We’ve Learned From Teaching Students for 20 years

In the twenty years that we have been teaching, we have learned some basic truths. One of these truths is that every individual learns differently. While some students are able to learn and progress through a traditional public or private school system, others will only find a formula for success—for at least part of their educational requirements—with a teacher who knows them individually and can teach them more effectively in a smaller setting.

Our main goal at Educational Advantage is to find the method by which our students can have a positive educational experience. We do this by first recognizing that each student is unique and has specific needs, and second by constructing a plan that best works for them. Essentially, helping our students reach their academic potential in the most enjoyable way possible is the ultimate objective.

Striving to staff professional tutors who excel in their specific fields, we provide service for grades K-12. Furthermore, we provide a variety of options to assist our students, namely a low teacher to student ratio, academic assessments, placement testing, individual attention, customizable education plans, independent study options, etc. We understand the policies of both the State of Utah Department of Education and the Park City School District. This insight allows us to understand exactly what your student needs to accomplish to graduate and also what he/she should be taking in order to get into their targeted college.

We look forward to meeting you and your student to discuss how EA can help!

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