Staump Music School

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We offer a unique education program focused on performance-based learning. Our teaching staff consists of professional performers and recording artists who have been professionally trained and background checked. Teachers tailor all group and private lessons according to individual pace and skill level. Music lessons are available for guitar, bass guitar, voice, piano, drums/percussion, ukulele, violin, cello and marimba.

We strive to maintain affordable prices to give everyone the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, regardless of their age or capability. Additionally, we produce professional concerts and local shows to give our students the opportunity to showcase their talents in a family-friendly, community environment. Start your musical journey today with the dedicated professionals at Stamp Music School.


Our philosophy is simple, and it’s based on things we’ve come to know are true. Having a musical education has been scientifically proven to contribute to greater success both personally and academically. It teaches us how to communicate, think creatively and embrace joy in our lives. Music is language, music is science, music is mathematics, music is physical, music is art. It is patience and discipline, it is a way of expressing thoughts and emotions, and connecting meaningfully with the world.

"My Daughter has been a student for almost 2 years and she loves everything about the atmosphere it is her favorite place to be. She gets to be around other kids with the same passion for music and the teachers are nurturing and give great feed back. My daughters confidence has grown not just with music but in her everyday life."—Neco Gardiner

"I've never seen so much school integrity and spirit as I have experienced at Staump Music School. The commitment that Tim, Wes and Marissa Rose have to the students is second to none. Thank you for providing the best training to my little queen to climb the guitar ladder even higher and get a richer tone in her voice. Staump is the place to go if you want to grow as a young artist."—Elizabeth Diamante

"These people rock because they are altruistic and genuinely care about what they do, making and teaching music and improving the lives of the people they meet!"—Stephen Stern

"My daughter says, 'she feels like she is with her second family', when she is at Staump. Everything in her life has improved once she started music classes and lessons here."—Gena DeGraff