Lakehouse Music Academy

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Since opening its doors in 2013, Lakehouse Music has become the prime destination for all things musical in Asbury Park. Its innovative model for music education, housed in the Lakehouse Music Academy, combines private instruction with renowned musicians/educators, group rehearsals and performances at classic Asbury Park venues, and numerous camps, classes, and recording opportunities in conjunction with the neighboring Lakehouse Recording Studios. Students of all ages and experience levels have the opportunity to learn (at least one!) instrument, perform on that instrument, develop songwriting and/or engineering skills, and then put those skills to practical use in a world-class studio.


Lakehouse Music Academy affords students the opportunity to study with top instrumental educators who are also accomplished touring/studio musicians. Students are able to study their craft, perform in groups, write original music, record that original music, and then perform that music at all of the legendary Asbury Park venues. Lakehouse Music Academy therefore offers a relevant, real-life "one-stop" environment for students looking to pursue any type of music education.