Kait Kingston

Certified Private Instructor

Kait K. has been teaching singers of all ages and abilities since 1997. She has taught in public schools, colleges and universities and privately in San Diego & Los Angeles, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. She has owned and operated The Performer Studio (a non-profit school for singers of all ages and abilities) since 1997 and directs several shows annually that showcase her students' individual talents. As a teacher, Kait's focus with each student is to help them understand both the anatomy and health of their vocal instrument and to help them tap into their very best sound in an engaging and fun way. Her number one goal with lessons is to raise a student's spirit during the time they spend in the studio. Building confidence has become one of the best side-products of Kait's work.


"Every singer has stumbling blocks. It is my passion to help them identify those, understand them and then...shatter them. Singers are complex people with complex instruments, and no matter what our expertise level, the DESIRE to sing is something to be protected and nurtured. I value honesty, discipline and a simple, direct understanding of why we do our work in the singing studio. I find those three things, meshed always with a genuine sense of FUN, are the keys to helping singers unlock and develop what makes them unique artists with something to say. Students come to me always with a genuine desire to sing. My job is to give them the tools to unlock the abilities that lie within themselves."

Professional Affiliations

Music Teacher's Helper