Michael Lechner

Certified Private Instructor

I grew up (mostly) in Wyoming. Graduated from Star Valley High, where I participated in choirs, jazz band, orchestra, and helped to start a bluegrass band. Graduated from Northwest College with an Associate of the Arts in Music, and then had the opportunity to study with the wonderful piano faculty of Utah State University. I worked closely with the USU Youth Conservatory, primarily teaching private lessons and occasionally assisting with events and theory classes. I obtained my Bachelor's of Music in Piano Pedagogy and moved back to Wyoming. I currently teach as adjunct faculty at Northwest College in Powell, WY, and have a very active private studio. On a different note, my wife and I have three boys, who keep us very busy. We enjoy a wide range of activities, from rock climbing to board games, and are always looking to try something new.


I teach music because I love it. My biggest goal is to show others how to love and understand it as well. That can not neither forced or taught, but is best understood when experienced together. To that end I demonstrate technique and talk at a very early stage about the theory behind music. My students quickly grasp that music is a reflection of the human experience, and grow to enjoy performing and sharing that with others.