Chris Hazewski

Certified Private Instructor

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Chris moved to California in July 2008. He has been playing guitar for 20+ years and has a vast understanding of various styles, genres, and musicality. He has been teaching since 2013 with experience ranging from private instruction to small combos. Chris has studied Classical and Contemporary Theory and Ear Training at SD Mesa. He has performed in jazz ensembles under the direction of Bob Magnusson, Vocal Ensembles with Dr. Richard Chagnon and private lessons with Bob Boss. Chris has completed courses in composition, voice, Jazz and World Music Histories. He has experience performing in various stage acts, touring, writing and recording with an array of talented musicians. Chris’s personal aspiration with music is to always create with the tools that inspire the most. Every student’s lesson will vary with skill level and interest while reinforcing rhythm, accuracy and self-confidence.


Chris Hazewski is a fun and adaptive music teacher and instructor. He firmly believes that everybody innately possesses musical capabilities. “We are all able to sing and play and I’m here to help our students realize that they have a unique voice. It is sometimes more apparent to some, while others’ talents may need a little more coaxing” he acknowledges wholeheartedly.

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