Bryan Hawkesworth

Certified Private Instructor

I opened The Drummer’s Den, in April of 1999, located in Scottsdale AZ, where I have been teaching mainly drum lessons, along with guitar lessons, and selling musical instrument retail products. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and still enjoy it to this day.


I see myself as a teacher that will lead when a student needs direction, but also as a coach and gutter guard, meaning I will motivate my students and allow them to grab ahold of the reins, to decide what direction they want to take to achieve their personal goals and musicianship, but I try to keep them on course so they don’t end up in the woods (or in the gutter so to speak), and I’m a calibrator, I get them to focus on timing, to calibrate their inner clock, to better understand what they’re hearing, what they’re playing, and why they’re playing music in the first place.

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