Rick "BooM" Steel

Certified Private Instructor

...BooM’s master plan began with his own training as a drummer. After taking Music Courses in College, he studied with greats like Roy Burns, Casey Scheuerell, John Xepoleas, and African Talking Drum Master Francis Awe. Since he was sixteen, BooM has been teaching other drummers, passing on his craft and style. ln Los Angeles, BooM is known as “A Teacher of teachers”.
...BooM is well known for his Drum clinics. He created, hosted, and produced his own cable Drum show: “Drumst6” (later re-named DrumTV).
...Bill Ward (Former Black Sabbath Drummer) remembers the first time he saw BooM play. “He sat behind his rig and began to loosen up. ln a matter of seconds, it was obvious to me the man could definitely play drums. l watched him play and work out with enjoyment. The experience was most inspiring and interesting”
...In 2000, BooM formed the band, Thirty Round Clip. The band’s single, “Gunfighter” (co-written by BooM) was featured in the movie,”Playground of Power II”. BooM followed with the band’s second CD, “…on Target“. ln 2009,”…on Target” reached the #6 spot on the most played new CD on the CMJ and FMQB national charts. He wrote his first book, 'The Footiments' (putting the 26 Rudiments on the feet) in 2010.
...BooM is a successful Drummer with a unique style and sense of music. He’s an artist, musician, clinician, entertainer, educator and Author.
...BooM is now teaching Online. He teaches rhythm, Drums, Song Writing, and (Basic) Music Theory...


With Teaching in Los Angeles for over 25 years,I have developed 3 Teaching Styles based on the Student:
1)The Student who is eager to learn. I give them Homework, they work on it, they show me in the lesson and I assign them more.
2)The Student who has only worked on a "few items": We focus on those items, review what was not covered and move on...There is NEVER any shame or guilt placed on the Student
3)The "Non-Practicing" Student: No worries, we just practice/learn together on the fly at the lesson.
I ALWAYS morph my lessons based on the Student's interests and HOW they learn [this is CRUCIAL].