• Policies

  • General EA Policies:
    • I understand that the ratio for semi-private tutoring sessions is a max of four students with one teacher and that EA will assign your child to a teacher(s) who is able to meet their unique needs and academic goals. If you have a specific teacher request, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it.
    • I understand that there is a Student Handbook online for all students taking an online course through Educational Advantage and that it is my (student and parent) responsibility to review this Student Handbook and all policies therein (found in the "Online Courses" tab on our site). This includes policies for course expirations (4.5 months), extensions (3 months), resubmissions, and exams.
    • I understand that students are expected to maintain a high level of academic integrity and be honest in their work. EA maintains policies against plagiarism and cheating that can be found in our student handbook.
    • I understand that online courses offered through EA are rigorous and in general, take the equivalent number of hours to complete as a course in a traditional classroom would.
    • I understand that Educational Advantage will send notes after every session that relay what your student accomplished as well as how they are doing in their EA course (if they are taking an EA course). These notes will also include whether your student has been assigned homework (in their EA class).
    • I understand that if my child is taking a class through a different online provider (not EA), it is my responsibility to ensure that the credit will be transferred and accepted by your students' school.
    • I understand that courses offered through Educational Advantage are not NCAA approved. Please contact us for NCAA providers (we work with many student athletes and can support their studies via third-party providers/schools).
    • I understand that if a scheduled session is cancelled within 24 hours, EA provides a make-up session to be used within two weeks of the cancelled session (we do not count school breaks against this makeup timeline). This session is to be scheduled in addition to their regular schedule (not in place of an existing session).
    • I understand that there will be no make-up session awarded for a missed (no-show) session or a same-day cancellation, unless extenuating circumstance apply.
    • I understand that if my student schedules a drop-in session and no-shows, the full amount will still be billed.
    • I understand that appropriate behavior is expected at all times. This includes being punctual, respectful of Educational Advantage staff and students, using good language, and using technology appropriately. We ask that students put their cell phones away or turn them off—unless extenuating circumstance apply. Parents will be notified if there is a problem or concern.
    • I understand that Educational Advantage reserves the right to discontinue services if there is a longstanding or egregious offense.
    • I understand that Educational Advantage might require a change in schedule if there is a conflict with other students.
    • I understand that as the parent/guardian submitting this registration form, it is my responsibility to provide the contact information for my ex-spouse so that both parents can be included in all correspondence regarding the student. If extenuating circumstances exist, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to contact Educational Advantage to disclose the details of all parent/guardian involvement.
    Summer EA Policies:
    • I understand that attendance is required for summer classes AND is part of the final grade.
    • I understand that there are NO make up sessions for summer group courses and that students will not be provided with work to complete on their own. Students are required to schedule additional tutoring sessions at our private hourly rate of $80/hour to make up the work they missed while absent.
    • Exams are taken during class. If a student wants/needs to re-take their final (because of a failing grade or to improve their grade), they have five business days after the last day of class to do so. After this five-day period, grades are final.
    • I understand that a $200 deposit will be processed after submitting a summer enrollment form. This is a non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from the balance due during the summer, but will not be refunded or credited if a student cancels enrollment.
    Billing Policies:
    • I understand that invoices are sent via email at the end of each month for services scheduled the following month. The credit card on file will be processed within 48 hours of sending the invoice.
    • I understand that EA does not refund or forward credit for a cancellations, but instead offers a make-up session if prior notice was provided.
    • I understand that I need to notify EA within 48 hours of receiving my invoice if I feel that I have been billed incorrectly or need to adjust my or my students' schedule (before the card on file is processed for payment). If you notify EA after your card has been processed, and we need to make a change that will result in a credit owed, that credit will be refunded via check.
    • I understand that no pro-rated refunds are issued once you have paid for the current month. If services are canceled mid-month, after payment has been made, EA will hold a credit for 30 days that can be applied to future services (a credit cannot be applied to the purchase of an online course).
    • I understand that EA does not accept check payments.
    • I understand that if my account is delinquent for more than 60 days, EA may temporarily suspend tutoring services until the account is paid in full and that I may be sent to collections.
    • I understand that late payments and other banking fees (including chargeback fees) incur a $25 fee.
    In order for us to best accommodate your student, we may need to communicate with his/her teachers and/or school counselors. By agreeing to this policy, you authorize and permit EA staff to speak to your child’s school/teachers/counselors.