Kecia Buehler

Certified Private Instructor

I took piano lessons as a child and my passion for music blossomed. I have been playing piano for over 40 years. I have always loved writing music, and have been working on recording my own original contemporary piano music. I am also a professional musician, playing in various bands over the years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications, and I also performed as a member of a local college orchestra for 2 years, playing second string violin and piano. I started teaching piano in 2007, and gained experience with different teaching methods. I then decided to focus my attention on teaching beginner students, and making sure they learn the proper techniques and concepts correctly the first time. I teach beginning levels up to late-intermediate level 6. I am a member of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT), Take Lessons Certified Piano Teacher, and an approved vendor for various Charter Schools (South Sutter Charter School, Visions in Education Charter School, and Summit Academy).


Poorly taught lessons do more damage. Improperly trained students will often have to start back at the beginning to undo bad habits. Why not teach them right the first time? I specialize in teaching beginning students with discovery learning and step-by-step methodology. In a fun learning environment, I help the students arrive at the answers on their own, thus giving the student a more successful rate of concept retention, as well as building their confidence. I have a fun and energetic teaching style, leaving room for creativity, and I give students a strong musical foundation. My students will learn to read and play written music proficiently.

Professional Affiliations

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