Chris Dunnett

Certified Private Instructor

As a Guitar Teacher, Chris has taught for over 30 years professionally all ages from 4 to retired seniors. He has had students go on to sign major label recording deals and graduate from such prestigious schools as Berklee and G.I.T. He has also taught summer school Rock camps including one sponsored by Bootsy Collins. He teachers privately and is also available for online lessons via Skype. As a Guitar Player, Chris has performed with Bootsy Collins, hit song-writer, Anthony Smith, and jammed with Lita Ford. He can play a very wide range of styles ranging from Rock, Pop, Modern Country, Metal, Flamenco, Gypsy, Celtic, and other World/Ethnic styles. He is versed in both electric and acoustic and is very much at home with a pick or fingerstyle.


I try to teach concepts and give students "tools" so that regardless of style they can continue to grow as a player even on their own. I prefer to teach HOW to play not just what to play.

Professional Affiliations