Why Us?

EA Online provides a customized education

When it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all. At EA Online we don’t expect students to learn everything the same way nor do we expect them to demonstrate what they’ve learned in the same way. Rather, we believe that students should have options. By providing opportunities for autonomy, we encourage students to show us their mastery in a way that fits their learning style, demonstrates their understanding of the material, and reflects their unique personality.

EA Online teaches students to succeed


By nature, digital courses require students to be more motivated and to manage their time wisely. While this comes naturally to some students, it presents a challenge to many. At EA Online, our students are required to complete a Student Success Plan for each course. This working document defines their plan for course completion and any obstacles they may foresee. Furthermore, this plan is reviewed and, if needed, revised monthly to ensure students stay focused and goal oriented. We know that the skills needed to succeed academically are the same skills needed to succeed in life, and work towards refining these attributes in our students.

Another avenue of promoting student success lies in providing the individualization students need to demonstrate mastery. As often as possible, we allow students to show us what they have learned in a way that suits their personality, interests, and learning style. This strips the anxiety associated with typical modes of assessment and allows students the opportunity to shine.

EA Online has awesome teachers who provide attention, communication, and guidance


At EA Online our teachers and instructors do so much more than provide course content. Our teachers monitor student engagement and progress, work towards understanding and getting to know their students, personalize the education experience, communicate with students and families, provide support services and academic guidance, and much more. We believe that students who have a strong network of people who care are more likely to succeed academically. Overall, our investment lies in the academic experience of our students. Because if they feel comfortable, confident, and successful here, we know we’re doing our job of preparing them for their future.

EA Online offers awesome music electives

Elective credits comprise nearly one third of high school graduation requirements. While some students enjoy the ability to dabble in a variety of courses, many want a more meaningful way to complete these requirements. At EA Online, we have a full music offering allowing students to earn all of their elective credits while mastering an instrument and leaving high school a disciplined musician. We have partnered with Granger School of Music for these courses, and students can take them strictly online or at Granger, located in Park City, Utah.

EA Online prepares students for the future

Helping our students graduate from high school is only a fraction of our mission. While we educate our students, we also strive to imbue life skills that will propel our students for their post-secondary lives. We do this by teaching our students how to manage time, set and attain goals, work hard, communicate effectively, understand how they learn, and gain self confidence. Essentially, we want our students to experience success on a variety of levels, and to graduate knowing that they completed difficult challenges.