Tutoring Options

The sky’s the limit with tutoring options at EA! We accommodate anything from basic homework help to full time students.

Parent Release: Students can come to EA during one or more periods of their school day to either take a class or work on homework.

After school: For students that may not have a parent release option, after school is a great time to come and work on a class or to get help with homework.

Full Time students: For students interested in coming to EA full time, a consultation with Jessi is the first step!

General Tutoring

All tutoring sessions are offered in private and semi-private settings.

Private tutoring is a one-on-one session, and starts at $65/hour.  Semi-private tutoring is small group tutoring with a maximum of four students per teacher, and is $45/hour.

Students can choose to focus their sessions on one subject, or may utilize our staff based on their needs. In other words, if a student generally comes for math help, but needs help with an English paper, they can work with one of our English tutors in lieu of getting math help.

Drop In Tutoring

Students who may not need consistent help in their studies may choose to sign up as a ‘drop in’ student—meaning they are enrolled at Educational Advantage and can schedule a session as they need it. Advance notice is preferred, as we maintain a schedule of regular scheduled students, however we can often accommodate same day drop-in students. If we don’t have an immediate opening, we do have a homework room where students can work while they are waiting.

Study Hall

Sometimes all a student needs is a quiet place after school to do their homework! For students not requiring full attention and assistance, our study hall is a great solution. At only $20/hour, it gives students a safe place to study with access to a variety of highly qualified teachers.  It also gives parents the peace of mind that their child is accounted for.


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