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Best In Music Education Center provides music lessons for all ages!
Quality & experienced teachers for a wide variety of instruments
Individual and group lessons for most instruments and voice
Let's Play Music Courses for developing the complete musician, ages 0-12
Background checked teachers and home school accredited courses and private lessons
Competitive tuition rates
Lesson times for all schedule types


The passionate teachers and staff at the Best In Music Education Center create and support musicians. We provide education with expertise and we have a lot of fun along the way! We believe that the music enriches the lives of us all. Our goal is to open the world and language of music and nurture the enjoyment of music making for all who we are privileged to teach. Please join us! We'd love to be a part of your musical journey!

"Teachers are fantastic, staff is friendly and helpful, students are always having a great time with lessons. My 8 year old boy loves his teacher and lessons are personalized to fit his needs."
"Great service, great people, great music! BIMEC knows how to make you feel like family!"
"I love that my child likes to come to class. I like the fun music that is used in this class and that it is cumulative!"
"I love all the great musical foundations that my child learns. Our teacher is wonderful and is always engaging and positive."
"I love our teacher's enthusiasm and understanding of music theory—she's a great teacher! I love the clever ways for the kids to learn that are fun for them. I love watching my daughter learn and the way her teacher teaches. I really like it here at Best In Music Education Center."
"Thank you for being so encouraging to all the students. You do a great job keeping them on track, I love the ingenious ways kids are taught theory in an age-appropriate and memorable fashion."
"I love how our teacher is SO patient and fun with the kids. She is knowledgeable. We love her and my kids love to come to music."
"I don't know music at all and I don't know how I would have taught my child without this program! Our teacher makes it so fun for the kids and I love that my child is excited each week to come. I wake up most mornings to my child playing the piano and it makes me so happy to see how much she has learned."
"I love the style of learning and how they try to instill the love of music."
"We are so pleased with how much music theory our child knows—and she has had a blast learning it!"
"I love that there is a comprehensive teaching of music concepts. Our teacher is so great. She is wonderful with the children."
"We LOVE how fun this has been! My child has always been excited to come to class. My husband with a music background has been very impressed with the theory she is learning."
"I'm in awe of the incredible foundation that has been built for my daughter! She understands things and can do things that her 12 year old sister doesn't get yet."
"As a mom attending class, I've also made musical breakthroughs of my own. I'm so impressed!"
"I love that the location is professional. I love that the kids are learning and they don't even realize it because it's fun. I love how organized our teacher is."
"Excellent!! I decided to sign my son up for their music classes, specifically violin. His violin teacher is incredible, she clearly has a lot of experience with the violin, but she is also amazing at making learning fun for the kids. My son loves going to violin lessons. I am very impressed with her. I highly recommend Best In Music Education Center!!"