It’s never too late to play.  Now you can learn the instruments of your choice and earn high school credit.

In the past, there have been limited options for high school students to learn a musical instrument and receive high school credit. Now, Educational Advantage has created a musical curriculum that fits everyone from the individual learner to those who participate in high school music programs. Students can enroll anytime, with course material available 24/7. Don’t leave high school without making music a part of your education.

Step 1

Browse our course catalog to get started!

We offer music courses in 12 instruments. Our credit will be transferred to your school to help satisfy your graduation requirements in the Fine Arts or Elective categories.

Coordinate with your high school counselor about taking a music class from EA by using the counselor letter below.

Step 2

Students have the option to work on their course independently but may also choose to work with a music teacher. Working with a teacher provides personalized support and professional instruction.

If you are local to Park City, sign up with a teacher at our school! If you’re not local, check out our national music teacher database.

Step 3

Select a course and submit an enrollment form to get started!

During this process you will create a student/billing profile and will also request your course (you will also need a parent/guardian and credit card).

Once we receive your form a member of our team will email you to confirm your request and to provide login credentials.