Tim Bischof

Certified Private Instructor

Tim Bischof a native of Portland, Oregon (USA), studied harmony & theory with musicians institute coursework & virtuoso Rex Carroll from Atlantic Records signed band Fierce Heart, also in Whitecross, King James. Shawn Gette who is in the band Forbidden Symphony, who in his words once took over a gig for Steve Vai and the American Guitar Academy. He continually attends workshops whether it's John Standefer's, (winner of the 2002 National Fingerstyle Guitar Contest and open division winner of the 2004 International Home of the Legends Competition.also columnist of Acoustic Guitar magazine), or Britt Festival advanced workshop where they had Helmet's lead guitarist Page Hamilton teaching Jazz & multiple genres of music. He performed extensively as a

singer songwriter and has since made performing guitar and teaching online guitar lessons his two primary pursuits. He has over 20+ years experience playing lead, rhythm on both electric and acoustic guitars & being in multiple bands, worship bands. He has also played alongside bands like the Illuminatics and the Dan Seymour Band & The Ben Rice Band. He has been on several recorded CD projects including his latest release Don't Give Up. Tim attended Portland State University earning a Bachelors in Management and Human Resources Management Degree. Genres include Acoustic, Blues, Country, R&B, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Rock, Pop and more.


Tim Bischof's teaching style is geared towards the individual. He tries to find the strengths and needs of each student as each lesson is customized to their learning style and different for each one depending on what they want to learn, but makes sure they are having fun & progressing. He has a Learn and Master guitar book he uses as well to cover everything for those that want to learn it all. He will have you learn songs, scales and exercises to help develop each player. He incorporates music theory with learning songs and introduces different practice routines. All ages and styles are welcome. Tim has experience working with students with a variety of learning needs and abilities, including special needs. Tim Bischof loves to play as a band too. When you are ready, he loves to bring out the drum or backing tracks to your favorite artists songs and he can drop the key to make it fit your guitar tuning , while you play guitar and he'll play what you're not, giving you the feel of a live group situation that can make learning at your lesson more fun.