Sheri Luévano

Certified Private Instructor

I'm Sheri and I love to teach drums! I've been teaching for over 20 years and have a Master's in Music Education.

What makes me most excited about my business is watching my students improve in their drumming skills week to week. Seeing that big smile on a student's face when something finally clicks, totally makes my day! ​

I also love the variety of people I get to work with who all share a passion for drumming. Little kids, big kids, dads, moms, retired engineers, Stanford professors, high-tech employees, and many more have been a part of our Rock N' Roll School family. Every day is different and every lesson keeps me on my toes. That's what makes my job the best job in the world!

12 years classroom experience teaching music, including choir, orchestra, concert band, marching band, drum line, indoor percussion ensemble. Junior high and high school. 20+ years playing drum set in bands, 8 years private drum instructor experience.

Bachelors Degree, Business Administration
Masters Degree, Music Education​​


My commitment to you is to make you the best drummer possible. We'll start with the basics, including reading drum set notation, hand speed exercises and important rudiments and patterns to develop. Then we'll start learning the songs that you're fired up to drum to. And to develop your full musician skill set, we'll work together on what it takes to be a performer and how to be in a band. I'll also help you get ready for auditions, whether you're auditioning for a school band, a concert, or a symphony.

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