Richard Williams

Certified Private Instructor

In addition to playing 10 instruments, Richard has composed countless songs with the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Women's Chorus. He won two Student Emmys in Hollywood at the College TV Awards for his compositions for BYU's animations "Mashed" and "Chasm" (2010, 2014). He writes in a wide variety of genres from epic orchestral, romantic piano, dixieland jazz, to electronic and religious choral music. Since graduating, he has recorded his compositions with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for an epic fantasy novel's upcoming album. He has also joined the cinematic pop band TREN, that has reached a considerable following on youtube, writing music centered around Hollywood movies.


I believe that the most concise, understandable way of explaining what is taught is best. My goal is always to help the students understand, become proficient in the skill, and to use their skill. I am not a fan of the academic textbook model that makes things very complicated, in turn hardly getting to the interesting material; I'm all about teaching things in creative, flexible ways that help students actually achieving their goals!