Pete Madsen

Certified Private Instructor

In addition to performing, Pete is a well-respected guitar teacher and writes regularly for Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He has been teaching for over twenty years. He has written seven books of guitar instruction, including A Guide to Acoustic Blues Guitar, A Guide to Bottleneck Slide Guitar, Improvisation and Variations for Fingerstyle Blues Guitar, and The CAGED System for Guitar. Most of these titles are available from his educational website. (link to the right) He can be seen at his very popular classes in Berkeley at the Freight & Salvage most Wednesday and Thursday nights teaching everything from blues jamming to fingerstyle guitar and bottleneck slide. In addition to the above styles Pete is well-versed in rock, electric blues, surf, funk, rockabilly and early jazz.


Pete uses well known songs (Beatles, CCR, Bob Marley) to teach students basic chord and strumming. Anytime I teach a scale, chord or technique I always try to attach it to some musical. For instance, when learning pentatonic scales I give students a short phrase or lick built from that scale pattern. And I always give students an audio file (either prerecorded or recorded on the spot) so they can hear and accustom their ears to the sound of the piece they are working on.