Marc Torlina

Certified Private Instructor

TEACHING AT MOZINGO SINCE: 2013 YOUNGEST AGE: 6 Marc Torlina played his first professional music gig at age 11. Throughout his life he has traveled the world performing in some of the finest venues around. Marc is currently a member of The Peter Mayer Group (Jimmy Buffett’s lead guitarist for the last 25 years) and he also enjoys a successful freelance career that keeps him quite busy performing with other various artist around the country. Marc also is a songwriter and has recorded his own CD’s. He has also recorded on dozens of other artists recorded in some of the best studios in New York, LA, Nashville and St. Louis. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in music from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, but feels his best musical education has been his real world experience in the music industry. Marc has lived in Hollywood and Amsterdam at various points in his life and was able to easily make new contacts and assimilate into the music scene successfully in those new turfs, continuing to cultivate his own career in music. By being proficient in many instruments (electric and acoustic bass, guitar, piano, drums, voice and ukulele), and being able to perform a wide range of musical styles, Marc has enriched his vocabulary in the language of music. This experience and knowledge transfers over to Marc’s teaching style and allows him to transfer that knowledge back to his students for a more fulfilling learning experience. He has developed a high retention rate of pupils, with some of his finer students moving on to Berklee School of Music and Belmont University or forming successful bands of their own, thus allowing them to continue their own musical journey.Here are a few of some of the artist Marc has shared the stage with; Sheryl Crow, The Temptations, Bonnie Raitt, Chuck Berry, Michael McDonald, members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Evita at The Fox Theatre, Little Richard, Rage Against The Machine, The Everly Brothers, Mac McAnally, Neil Sedaka and most of St, Louis’ finest musicians.


Marc feels the best way for a student to maximize his or her true potential in music is to have fun. Music is an art form and is best served when treated as such. If the student is exposed to a positive, quality filled, and totally fun experience, they will learn the most of what music has to offer. After that, the sky is the limit; there are no boundaries.