Lindsay Tomczak

Certified Private Instructor

I love teaching students of all ages and levels! I have a Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (how to teach). For 25 years I've been teaching in college, university, community college, commercial and private studio settings. I'm a nationally certified teacher (NCTM) and am active at the state and local levels, with membership in two local piano teacher associations. This means lots of opportunities for students to play in evaluations, recitals, ensemble groups and even competitions.


I love making reading and understanding music easier for my students! My goal is to meet each student at his or her level and to find enjoyable ways to read, interpret and play better - including physical coordination and new ways to think. My best lessons happen when students have a breakthrough and a task that seemed impossible becomes reachable. I enjoy all types of music, and want to make my students independent learners who can ultimately think and play for themselves, transferring skills from one piece to another and beyond. Understanding theory and style makes music come alive!

Professional Affiliations

Music Teacher's Helper