Linda Lockwood

Certified Private Instructor

Music flows through me like blood in my veins. Whether it be jazz, rock, metal, or more, I enjoy, perform, and write in a multitude of genres. I have been ambitious in writing and performing my whole life. In my early years I studied classical piano in the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Through those RCM studies I entered my compositions in national songwriting contests and won second place in Canada Music Week. I attended university for music, immersing my life in my music passion. I obtained my Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies (Vancouver Island University) and went on to achieve my Master of Fine Arts in Music (California Institute of the Arts). I love teaching all ages for vocals, guitar, piano, and bass. I can also help you with home recording and song composition.


I like seeing progress and appreciation in music, and to me that is student success. I enjoy helping students meet their individual goals, and I encourage them to work their hardest to achieve their best. I use humor to keep things engaging. I learn from my students what works most effectively for them as individuals. One of the things my students really enjoy are those certificates at the end of the method books. Once the student has mastered a level I am eager to sign those certificates and celebrate the accomplishments with my students and their parents. And I believe that the other very important aspect of success is performing.

Professional Affiliations