Joe Alessandro

Certified Private Instructor

Joe Alessandro, award winning educator and author of “The True Basics of Drumming” attended Music Institute (MI), Hollywood, California. Joe continued his music education studying with several name musicians such as Paul Cush, formerly of CBS Studios; Terry Bozzio and Chuck Silverman. Joe has studied, work with and received credit from Chuck Silverman’s compilation “The Funk Masters” published by Warner Bros.

A veteran drummer of more than 25 years, Joe has been teaching students of all ages for more than 20 years and has been awarded by highly acclaimed Vic Firth, for his contributions in education and recognized for musical integrity, dedication, professionalism and outstanding contributions to teaching.

Joe has performed and been an instructor/clinician at several universities, colleges, schools, churches, and music stores throughout the nation.

In closing, Joe manages to teach at his Practical Rhythms Studio, perform master classes, clinics, concerts and tours throughout the year and still finds time to write and produce his instructional videos, The True Basics of Drumming.


If you are a beginner, we first learn how to hold drumsticks correctly, basic note reading, some simple exercises to develop coordination and learning drum beats to enable you to learn a song within your first four to five lessons.

For intermediate to advanced students, we start with a drum analysis tool to help identify your #1 progress killer. Once corrected, these moves can cut months and sometimes even years of drum practice and give a huge jump in your drum playing skills overnight.

If you are looking to learn specific styles, I have special classes which focus on Rock: The Attitude of Rock Drumming; Funk: The Approach to Funk Drumming; Jazz: The Swing Feel of Jazz and Left-Hand Comping; Shuffles of all styles: Texas Style, Contemporary and Rock Shuffles, etc.

I also offer other specialized classes including double-bass drumming, drum soloing, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Progressive Rock, Jazz Fusion and Odd Timing.

In addition to the above, I specialize in preparing students for middle and high school band auditions while coaching them before, during and after the season.