Cheryl A. Lockett

Certified Private Instructor

Cheryl A. Lockett, a vocal virtuoso, music entertainer, recording artist, and instructor who’s skills were developed through a cultural music apprenticeship. At the early age of 4 years old, Lockett’s career was intricately sculpted under the firm tutelage of world-class musicians within the professional music industry in the United States. Highly skilled, Lockett’s voice impeccably reflects her commitment to excellence in music. As an instructor for more than 25 years, Lockett’s primary focus is to introduce concepts and techniques to individuals that will help improve the quality of sound for their instrument in order to develop a tone equally pleasing at all dynamic levels of their ability. Since 2003, Lockett has successfully managed two music and visual arts studios in Northern California, and she is a Resident Teaching Artist with school districts in her local area, exposing youth to the dynamic world of music.


My teaching philosophy is, "Listen, learn, create, and present in accordance with the highest standards. Be Impeccable!"

Professional Affiliations

Music Teacher's Helper