Brenda Roberts

Certified Private Instructor

I have been teaching piano for 35 years. I hold a bachelor’s degree in music with emphasis in piano performance. My early music experience is in the performing arts. Over the years, I performed in various entertainment venues, as a pianist, vocalist and choreographer in theater, top 40 bands, weddings, church pianist, private parties, and piano accompaniment. The presentation of artistry is exciting and a big part of performance. The different ways to approach the keys, the release of the key, pedaling, dynamics and articulation all work together to bring out nuances and character in a piece. This moves us from just playing notes, to engaging others in the music. I am passionate about this aspect of the music learning process; the connection with how the music sounds and the emotion that comes from being truly present as the music is played and how that is transferred to the listener.


My teaching and methods are tailored to the learning style of each student. Each person of any age is unique and has their own learning style. Some students do better with traditional lessons and method books while others do better with improvisation, chord theory and lead sheets. A balance of music reading, theory, rhythm and let's not forget fun, gives students the confidence and the skill to learn music independently.

Professional Affiliations

Music Teacher's Helper