Austin Weyand

Certified Private Instructor

Austin Weyand has run the gamut of performing situations from playing guitar concertos with symphony orchestras, jazz jam sessions in Chicago, bluegrass and Celtic music on a tour through Europe, a pop/rock band throughout the inter-mountain west, to Spanish Flamenco for an 8 week run of the U.S. Premiere of "Zorro the Musical". He has recorded two solo albums and is the 2014 champion of the state of Wyoming Fingerstyle guitar competition. He holds the same title in Utah for 2012. Austin holds a masters degree in guitar from Northern Illinois University, and BA degrees in guitar performance and music therapy from Utah State University.  Austin performs with various jazz, folk, popular, flamenco and acoustic bands/recording projects. He has maintained a longstanding career of teaching beginning to advanced guitar lessons in communities, public schools, camps, online and at universities.