Anthony Cortez

Certified Private Instructor

Guitar instructor with 20 years experience. I teach guitar students from beginning to advanced. My students age range from 10 years of age to age 52. Areas of expertise include, teaching basic guitar skills including but not limited to note reading, strumming techniques, chord recognition, chart reading, and song chart reading. Advanced students will concentrate on theory along with scale knowledge and improvisational concepts. I have studied with Horace Hatchet, and Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartneys guitarists) to name a few. I have vast experience in playing live as well as recording.


I would describe my teaching philosophy as an open learning environment. My students can feel comfortable asking me any questions and not feel embarrassed to ask it. I believe that questions lead to understanding which in turn leads to fun and proficiency. I breakdown information into digestible bits of learning. There is no one way to teach and I find ways that enables student to understand and progress with their instrument.