Andrew Ells-O'Brien

Certified Private Instructor

Among his peers and critics, Andrew Ells-O'Brien is considered a true modern renaissance master. While the Blues is his touchstone, he seems to draw inspiration from every direction, blending a myriad of influences with ease and grace. A reviewer's article once said it well: “You can hear Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, and Folk all somehow converging into a single sparkling sound—a sound completely his own. Andrew's fresh approach to his music adaptations and original compositions simply defy category. If there were a category of people simply labeled ‘great musicians’ Andrew's talents would belong there.” At the age of thirteen, Andrew received his first musical schooling like many musicians do, in a music store teaching room and soon after high-school he studied with guitarist Bob Wolfman (Larry Coryell, Chick Corea, Grover Washington Jr., James Montgomery) beginning his lifelong affection with Jazz, Blues and Rock music. He has studied at Berklee Music. He received yearly grants as well as a Celebrity Scholarship from Paul Simon. Berklee bestowed upon him a Master of Guitar Certificate and he has enjoyed conveying his knowledge to his students ever since.


What is the number one thing that you want to achieve on your instrument? You want to play as good as you can as fast as you can—right? What does it take? The perfect mix between information (technique) and application (songs)! Learning to read music is useless if you never develop proficiency with your instrument. Learning to play really fast is reckless if you don’t know what you are playing. Andrew has a program that will take you from knowing nothing about the your instrument to the certainty of what you need to become the player you want to be. If you do your work and practice, you will improve your playing in a recognizable fashion. Andrew is meticulous with every student & his goal is to mold them into the players they want to be.