Purpose Statement:

Educational Advantage is not only a tutoring center, but also a fully accredited online High School providing high quality educational options with a flexible learning environment. With a core philosophy of blended learning—the combination of online curriculum and an experienced Instructor—our goal is to increase individual student achievement and reinforce their life skills for post-high school success. We make a difference one student at a time.

Mission Statement:

The story of Educational Advantage began in 1990 with it’s founding in Park City, Utah.

Originally created as a tutoring center, Educational Advantage, or “EA” as our students call it, was created with a specific purpose: to help all students succeed. Ranging from at-risk to gifted, students are provided with the individualized support they need to successfully complete their classes. From its inception, EA has and continues to be a powerful influence to thousands of students. In fact, many students still stop by to say that they wouldn’t have made it had it not been for EA.
Understanding the unique role EA has in the lives of its students is important, as it is the main reason we created our online high school. For a variety of reasons, our students are choosing to learn in a non-traditional environment and are discovering an educational pathway that provides not only academic, but personal success as well.

Simply put, Educational Advantage was founded to give students the ability to define their high school story. We know that electronic education has had many successes, but also many failures . . . and far too many in between. With a wealth of knowledge based on the 25 years we have been around, we know what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, we have shaped our school around student feedback and current trends in digital learning. We know that many students have a higher probability of success by having the option of a more personalized education pathway, and whether this means taking one digital class or twelve, we ensure that each student finds his/her own formula for success.

At Educational Advantage we offer more than 100 courses that satisfy all high school graduation requirements. All of our courses are created and monitored by highly qualified teachers, and, as much as possible, allow for individualization to optimize student success. Furthermore, we are a diploma issuing institution, meaning that students can graduate from Educational Advantage. Students can also transfer their completed courses to the high school they currently attend. When it comes to completing course work, students have the option of working independently, or of combining their online course with a tutoring schedule at office location. Here, students can come and work on their courses while simultaneously receiving assistance from our highly qualified teachers and instructors.

We know that graduating or not graduating from high school has a major impact, not only on the student, but on our nation as a whole. And while the economic and social costs are staggering, the cost to the individual who cannot successfully migrate through the education system is painful in a different way. We believe that every student should have the opportunity to succeed, and have created an online learning environment aimed at helping students achieve that goal. We want every single student to graduate from high school knowing that anything is possible. We want to change the way students perceive their education, their future, and themselves. Essentially, we want to change the world one student at a time, and we look forward to many more years of students stopping by to say that with our help, they “made it!”