Assessment Testing

assessment-testingEducational Advantage uses a variety of assessment testing for younger students in grades K-7. The most general, yet comprehensive, are the IOWAs; these tests measure students’ knowledge and comprehension in English, reading, math, science, and social studies. When students are manifesting delays or problems in specific areas like reading, writing, or comprehension, to name a few, we have a different battery of tests. This typically involves an assessment and consultation by our Special Education director, Melanie Moffat.

For students in grades 8-12, we use the national EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT to measure knowledge and comprehension in English, Reading, Science, and Math. The results from these tests are good indicators at where students strengths and weaknesses lie. As aforementioned, if students are displaying signs of struggle in specific areas, a more comprehensive or individualized assessment can be done. In the case that parents don’t want Educational Advantage to fully asses their student, we do have a cavalry of resources we can refer you to.