What We Do

EA School of Music is the premier source for music education in Park City. We teach private and semi-private lessons for all ages, styles, and skill levels. As no two students are the same, all lessons are tailored to match the needs of each individual student. We approach our lessons with a contemporary teaching style that keep students engaged and excited to learn more. Our goal is to promote a student’s progress from lesson to lesson advancing them towards musical independence.


Mission Statement

Our motto is “Learn-Play-Create.” The fundamental concepts of music can be understood by anyone interested in learning them. Our passion is to infuse that knowledge into each student, so that music makes sense and opens the door to the life changing impact of learning to play a musical instrument. We take these concepts one step further by helping to foster your creativity, which allows you to have a unique and expressive voice on your instrument. As musical ambassadors for our community, we take our responsibilities very seriously while not forgetting that learning music should be a fun and pleasurable experience.


We hand pick each instructor based on who will be the best fit for our students. They are all professionally educated, trained, and experienced in teaching people how to play the musical instrument of their choice. They all teach with a contemporary, up-to-date style and have the knowledge and experience to help students of all ages and levels accomplish their goals. They will be your partner in the learning phase of your musical journey.


Come and visit our school, where you will see and feel the difference. Our state-of-the-art equipment and lesson rooms provide students with everything they need to succeed. Our friendly instructors and student-centered learning environment speaks to the musical heart. You will connect with that feeling from the moment you walk in the door, and know that this is the place for you!

High School Credit with Music Lessons

As a fully accredited online high school you have the exclusive option to earn High School Credit through our music courses taught during lessons! With courses created by top-tier music educators from around the country, now students can learn the instrument of their choice and receive High School credit for their effort. We offer many instruments including piano, voice, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and more! These courses satisfy Fine Arts and Elective credits towards graduation requirements at the High School level.

Additional Programs

We offer a variety of engaging music programs beyond private lessons. These programs include student bands, multi-instrument lessons, and weekly summer camps that focus on specific musical instruments and concepts. Check in with us for a full listing and schedule of these programs.